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Reach Further

We help healthcare companies strategize

and grow government sales.

Local - State - Federal

The government makes things easy (said no one ever).

If you've started going down the road of offering your solution through government entities, here's betting you hit some roadblocks:

● hard-to-access data,

● hard-to-forecast opportunity,

● hard-to-reach decision makers,

● hard-to-break-into networks, and

● hard-to-secure sales. 

Federal Market


Substance Use Disorder Solutions


"Pat's got a great team – they are able to produce VA and DoD market results, not just meetings. You always wonder if a 3rd party can represent you as well as you believe you can. They do.  Folks like Marian are clear and thorough communicators - really detail oriented. They know how hard it is to explain the value of federal markets internally and have helped me tremendously in organizational understanding of federal opportunities across three companies – from large market to orphan/specialty."

Kevin McDermott

Chief Commercial Officer

How it works

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Speed to market matters, here's how we help you POUNCE.


Step 1. We propose ideas for opportunity.

In this step, we'll do a free analysis of your federal opportunity
for sales.


Step 2. Then, identify threats you'll need to overcome.

Using landscape tools, we'll provide an assessment of
opportunities and challenges to your proposed federal engagement.


Step 3. From there, we help you understand the
channel data.

We'll do a deep dive to acquire hard-to-access key data sources
and then provide a thorough analysis for your consideration.


Step 4. And, navigate customer priorities.

Our advisory board of highly experienced government experts
will then consult on your deployment options.


Step 5. So we can calibrate sales targets.

Using customized forecasting and targeting, we'll help you
assess ROI and connect with critical players.


Step 6. And, finally, execute the right strategy.

We’ll be there to help you with our deployment toolbox of
in-house support, outsource guidance, training, pricing, medical support, and marketing expertise

So, don't procrastinate. POUNCE!

A note from our founder.

Hi, I'm Pat Trifunov. With decades of experience as a senior pharma executive, I've been immersed into the world of government and public relations, sales management, health systems strategy, contract negotiations, and pricing. My conclusion? This world is complex (to say the least). But, I am bound and determined not to let complexities get in the way of delivering healthcare solutions to those who need them.

Because, the bottom line is: The work you do is critical. In many cases, it saves lives—often lives of veterans, those in the military, and other vulnerable populations. It's a true honor to work alongside you to improve their quality of life and give them hope for a brighter future.

As a thanks to you, the first step in our process is free!

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