If the government pays, the feds usually have a role in it. What that means for you is that laws and regulations, centralized decision-making and cost-driven access constraints all play a critical role in market access. We know our way around Federal Markets to ensure that you will too.

 With time sales began to grow.  VBG brings recognition to a new standard of care and open access, coupled with the acknowledgement of the value of drugs for a sub-population of patients. Find out how we create opportunities for sales growth in Federal and Non-Federal Markets. 


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​The Velocity BioGroup is about speed to market. We're here to support your fastest play in gaining product access, driving sales, and securing optimal positioning in Federal Markets. We've got federal account managers, and federal sales specialists, government contract strategies and valuable government relationships to support your efforts.
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Kevin McDermott

Pat's got a great team – they are able to produce VA and DoD market results, not just meetings. You always wonder if a 3rd party can represent you as well as you believe you can. They do.  Folks like Marian are clear and thorough communicators - really detail oriented. They know how hard it is to explain the value of federal markets internally and have helped me tremendously in organizational understanding of federal opportunities across three companies – from large market to orphan/specialty.


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