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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Federal Market?

If the government pays, the Feds usually have a role in it. What that means for you is that laws and regulations, centralized decision-making and cost driven access constraints all play a critical role in market access. We know our way around Federal Markets to ensure that you will too.


What services do you provide?

As federal market specialists we can help you with any aspect of working with federal or state government markets. This includes pre-launch planning, development of customer-specific value propositions, gap and situational analyses, formulary submissions, contract negotiations, sales force training and deployment of a customer-centric sales team for pull through. Visit our "SERVICES" page for more information on what we do!


What are your qualifications for doing this work?

We are a team of highly knowledgeable Federal Markets specialists, with leadership backgrounds in the VHA, DOD, Medicare and Medicaid channels. Several of our team members have worked directly in the government, while others have worked for years in the life sciences industry. In either case we have decades of experience in successfully selling and marketing in Federal Accounts. Visit our "ABOUT" page for more information about our team!


Why would we need outsourced federal support? We already have a team in place.

There’s a chance your company may not be maximizing its federal markets sales opportunities. Because there are so many facilities between the customers, your existing Federal Accounts team might be stretched too thin. Or you may also be struggling with access challenges when sending traditional hospital sales representatives in VHA and DOD facilities. Federal markets are very difficult to penetrate, often requiring credentials for facility access, a base of prescribers to build provider trust with and a competent understanding of federal polices and procedures. We can improve your bottom line results when we train your own sales team or bring in our own.


How do you know we can do well in Federal accounts?

Our military members and veterans have a significant number of health issues that may align very well with your product(s). We’ll figure that out with you before we put our Federal Sales Specialists in the field. The best place to start is with a gap analysis, designed to determine how well we might do in Federal Accounts. We’ll evaluate your current position relative to competitors, gain an understanding of what’s working well and what isn’t, and assess the opportunity and timing for sales success. This will support you in justifying the project funding by setting a realistic forecast based on a third-party analysis.

What if the President decides to change how Medicaid, Medicare, and the VHA programs operate?


While the President might be making changes, I don't think he can take away the number of folks needing subsidized government programs. In fact, that may be all the more reason to re-examine your government account strategies, including various, best and worse case scenarios, given the changes going on. Give us a call to discuss how some of these changes can affect your company.

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