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Remember Our Veterans

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Written by: Marian Benz

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, one is struck by the human kindness seen by everyone and anyone to support people that have been impacted.  The devastation is broad and deep and it will take far too long for families to return to any sense of normalcy.

There is one special group of people that have been impacted by these tragedies that we want to be sure are not forgotten, and that is our veterans and military families.  In Florida alone, there are over 1.5 million veterans.  In the city of Houston, there are over 300,000. 

There are many veterans that suffer from multiple medical complications or diseases and depend on places like the VA Medical Centers (VAMC) to receive their medical care.  The VAMCs both in Florida and in Houston are some of the largest in the country because of the numbers of patients they serve.  And it is likely the VAMCs suffered damage from the storms, leaving some patients with very limited options for care.  As an example, after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the VAMC in New Orleans, it took the VA some 11 years to rebuild that facility.

Additionally, there are a few military bases in Florida that are home to not only our brave military folks but also their families.  If any of you were around during Hurricane Andrew, you remember, as do I, how Andrew decimated Homestead Air Force Base and left that community without homes, schools and places to work. 

Our ask is that you pay special attention to the veterans and military members that have been impacted by the storms.   Lend a hand if you can, donate to organizations that will focus on their recovery, in addition to others, and remind others to help those that have given our country more than we can ever repay.

Our company has donated to the Fisher House ( in this regard and we thank you for everything you are doing as well.

To stay updated on the facilities that were impacted by the hurricanes check the links below.

Here are links to where you can help, Donate, Volunteer, etc. 

Fisher House

Red Cross :

Catholic Reserve Relief :

Adventures in Misions :

Boots on the Ground :

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