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Why Waste my Resources on the VA and DoD?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Written by: Marian Benz

I often hear that companies feel that the mandatory discounts that they provide to the Federal Government customers are all the resource they want to put behind working with those customers. 

“Why would I put any more money into them – they are too difficult of a customer…”

Difficult to work… yes, that can be true; however, they are not impossible to work and here’s why you should take a minute to look at them.

1.  All they ask is that you play by the rules – their rules are not impossible, it’s simply a matter of understanding them and respecting them.

2.  They are a customer – a customer that has great needs and a tremendous amount of influence.  Think of all the physicians and clinicians that are getting trained in a VA or Military Treatment Facility.  Both the VA and DoD have cutting-edge training, research and development programs that spill over into the rest of the healthcare environment.    This gives you an opportunity to get providers exposed to and comfortable with your products early in their careers.

3.​  Finally, although there is a discount, their patients are the patients that are the most deserving – they stood up for our country.  Unfortunately as a result, this means they have a higher incidence of many of the diseases we all face, including cancers, diabetes, respiratory and neurological diseases.  If you are in any of these areas – this is the single largest healthcare system that controls a significant percent of your target population.

Knowing and understanding how to work this market is challenging, but very rewarding.  It takes people that have experience with these customers, know the environment and have the strategic focus to know when to apply your resource. 

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