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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Written by: Jeff DeWaal

Sales Analysis Video Using 3-D Maps

You’ve seen it plenty of times: columns, rows, numbers, names, locations, lights fading, and then the drool all over your keyboard when you wake up twenty minutes later.

Spreadsheets don’t communicate insights to most people. One useful solution is turning all that nonsense into graphs or charts, but what if you need to consider large amounts of information? What if your data spans 10,000 customers and you want to look at them all at once? What if you’re working in the Federal Markets where the metrics are significantly more complex?

Unless I’m mistaken, no chart, pivot chart, or graph can display that amount of information in a useful way.

Enter 3-D Maps in Excel, an excellent solution our company has adopted for presentations, business development, even client management within the VA and DoD. This is hands-down better than Power BI.

Some people can sit at their desk and pour over spreadsheets until they gain clarity. Others can stare at static charts and graphs that communicate important insights. Few enjoy doing either of those things. We make 3D maps for the majority of thinkers and strategists who want new ways of understanding the bottom line up front.

In the Federal system, where successful sales reps are a great find, they should do what they do best: meet with their hard-earned contacts and get sales pulled through.

Most of us began reading maps in Elementary School. You’d have a hard time finding a representative in your organization who has difficulty understanding a map of their region. 3D Maps in Excel offers you the ability to place simple, easy to comprehend analyses right on top of a map, by region, by state, whatever you want. As a manager, you have plenty of flexibility to ensure success:

  • Zoom-in on states, regions, even neighborhoods and see sales opportunities or target challenges

  • View the growth of Federal Market sales relative to Commercial Markets

  • View heat maps of patient/illness concentrations and compare the VA/DoD to the general population

  • Use sales numbers to uncover VISN policy that may be hindering your sales

  • Compare sales where you have KOLs speaking on your behalf

  • Compare VAMC sales to adjacent Academic Centers

  • Show printouts of data to new customers who may want to see who else is using your product

The list is endless. VA and DoD reps are a friendly bunch who can sell leaves to a tree. To dramatically improve sales success, however, sales needs every opportunity to become more informed about the performance of their regions.

Considering you may already have 3D maps installed, it’s a great place to begin.

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