What is a Federal Market?

If the government pays, the feds usually have a role in it. What that means for you is that laws and regulations, centralized decision-making and cost-driven access constraints all play a critical role in market access. We know our way around Federal Markets to ensure that you will too.

Areas of Expertise

  • U.S. Department of Defense

  • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

  • U.S. Public Health Services

  • Center for Disease Control

  • Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons

  • Ryan White Care Act & State ADAP Programs

  • Indian Health Services

  • National, Regional & Local Private Healthcare Plans


Our Services

Federal Markets Intel & Logistics

We'll help you assess your financial opportunity, key drivers, market pricing, deployment options, and rationale for sales and marketing resources. In short, we'll make it easy to define your risk/benefit ratio for engagement.



Federal Markets Forecasting Firepower

We can create market forecasts to augment your vendor analyses or procure non-reported government sales. We'll help you build market development and resource utilization costs including a break-even analyses.


Brand Readiness Assessment

We can provide a market tailored evaluation of brand-specific opportunities for current and emerging therapies.


Sales Force Boot Camp

We've got military, Veterans, Indian Health and Medicare/Medicaid training for institutional account pull-through by your sales force. These are both off-the-shelf and customized to your product portfolio.


Federal Account Managers

We have shared or dedicated account management teams for transitional or long-term product selling, formulary access, policy guidelines or protocol use.


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