Velocity BioGroup: Forecasting

Velocity BioGroup uses decades of expertise to deliver high-level forecasts for specific markets, new products, and new market entrants whether they be drugs or devices.

Our General Process:

  1. 1-2 hour call to outline product and discuss any relevant information already available

  2. 3-7 business days to research additional information/ procure essential reports

  3. 1-3 business days to format high-level forecasts and integrate expert-driven assumptions

  4. 1-2 hour call to review assumptions and draft forecast

  5. 1-3 business days to alter/improve forecast to fit clients needs (if necessary)​

*Note: VBG has completed this entire process in under seven days

Forecasting Outputs

Our mission is to deliver forecasts that are not only informative but visually impactful as well. If there are sets of assumptions that may fluctuate, we design dynamic tools that allow for dramatic change. 


For longitudinal analyses, a user may want to view forecasts at a specific point in time; our models can account for any level of filtering or manipulation necessary. 


All models designed in Microsoft Excel (Office 360 Preferred, but we can work on older models)

Account/Region Comparison Tool
Veterans Administration / Department of Defense Forecasting Tool
Account Targeting Tool
3-D Maps: Example Output (Very Simple)

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