Analytics For People Who Hate Spreadsheets

Written by: Jeff DeWaal Sales Analysis Video Using 3-D Maps You’ve seen it plenty of times: columns, rows, numbers, names, locations, lights fading, and then the drool all over your keyboard when you wake up twenty minutes later. Spreadsheets don’t communicate insights to most people. One useful solution is turning all that nonsense into graphs or charts, but what if you need to consider large amounts of information? What if your data spans 10,000 customers and you want to look at them all at once? What if you’re working in the Federal Markets where the metrics are significantly more complex? Unless I’m mistaken, no chart, pivot chart, or graph can display that amount of information in a use

Nurse Education and How it affects our Veteran

Written by: Peggy Roberge Peggy Roberge, was a Nurse in the VA for years before retiring and becoming our Director, Nursing Support Services. Her dedication and passion for Veterans has helped our Nurse Education program reach new levels. Take a moment to watch her sit down with Veteran Wes Hancock and discuss how Nurse Education can improve the lives of all of our Veterans. #NurseEducation #FederalMarkets #VA #DoD

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