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Velocity BioGroup is a strategic group of long-time business executives in the pharmaceutical, biologics, medical devices, and Federal Markets, with very high-level relationships in the commercial and government payer world, public relations and advocacy communities.The primary function of the Velocity BioGroup team is to support your organization in framing a compelling formula for the success of your key products introduced in the market.

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Patricia Trifunov

Pat's experience and expertise as a senior pharma executive include government and public relations, sales management, health systems strategy, contract negotiations & pricing. She has for six years served as an Executive Advisor for Health Care Sustainability to the Vietnam Veterans of America.


Pat has twenty-year+ specialization in strategy, state & federal policies, business, and health systems management. This includes:


  • Sales & sales management expertise in the pharmaceutical industry with three leading companies (Abbott Laboratories, Schering-Plough, GlaxoSmithKline)

  • Direct and management level customer development

  • Successful nine-figure contract negotiations for public healthcare system product access

  • Management of internal and external strategy teams - including managers, directors, area vice presidents, consultants, lobbyists and advocacy managers

Michael DeWaal

Michael's career includes manufacturing, production and research engineering in the Defense Industry, with an MBA (Washington Univ. St. Louis Olin School of Business), specializing in international business development and business operations/process improvement.  Michael has a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma (Measure, Root Cause, Adjust, Optimize, Feedback), certifications and complex applications in ISO, Kaizen and Lean Technologies, Statistical Process Control, Taguchi (known also as Design of Experiments) and the Goldratt Institute’s Theories of Constraint. Michael leads Velocity BioGroup's IT and Data Security efforts for internal and external client purposes as well as lending perspective from his research experience in the Department of Defense.

Maureen Sacho

Maureen Sacho has over 25 years of Human Resources & Accounting experience. Prior to joining Velocity BioGroup, she has worked in a number of industries including Printing, Manufacturing, Construction, and Association Management overseeing several non-profit organizations. Most of her career she has worked directly with Board of Directors, CEOs, Presidents, and Controllers.

Maureen has developed an expertise in the role of a Liaison with Attorneys, outside CPA Firms, Clients, and Vendors. She is proficient in numerous software programs and has extensive experience in office administration, payroll services, accounting and tax services. Her professionalism and attention to detail, as well as her commitment to client and team member’s needs, is what truly sets her apart.

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Karen Lutz

Karen joined Velocity Biogroup in 2018 with 25 years of biopharmaceutical experience gained in multiple specialties and roles. In each role she has quickly exceeded expectations leading to positions of greater responsibility, awards, and accolades. Karen has spent the bulk of her pharmaceutical career focused in the CNS arena with the last 15 years specifically in the addiction medicine arena. She has had direct responsibilities in market development,  market access, government affairs, direct sales and sales management.  

Karen's strength lies in her ability to rapidly visualize the macro picture of possible market and sales strategies and the mixture of components needed for success. She then quickly assesses the most beneficial, realistic and cost-effective approaches and helps clients work through potential obstacles. As Director of Strategic Alliances Karen works closely with clients to foster beneficial relationships with key partners including professional organizations, state and federal agencies. 

Jeff DeWaal

Jeff has performed as Market Access Manager for Medicaid projects, Head of Analytics covering all markets, and Director of Analytics and Forecasting in his four years with Velocity Biogroup. 

Leveraging skills in several data analysis platforms, Jeff can organize and create insightful tools informed by a variety of data sources. 


Jeff has managed all coding and calculating for 25+ forecasts/simulations covering both the federal and commercial spaces. He can design tools that manage hundreds of thousands of fully customized predictions, allowing for efficient decision making and optimized revenue.

Lara Wynne

Lara is an executive with 20 years' broad experience leading and collaborating with cross-functional teams in biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals, and medical & surgical device. For both small start-ups and large corporations, Lara drives development and commercialization of novel therapies that address an unmet need in musculoskeletal care. In partnership with key stakeholders she sets and achieves strategic directions for investor relations, product development, regulatory, clinical trials, marketing, market access and sales. She has powerful experience planning for pre-commercialization and commercialization with a proven track record of partnering with hospital systems, ambulatory surgery centers, orthopedic societies, and private practices.

Innovation in orthopedics is Lara's passion. She built a singular network of national thought leaders who advise, publish, and advocate in order to propel development, inform commercial launch strategy, and accelerate growth for transformational companies.

Dan Keeny

Dan Keeney is a results-driven executive with extensive experience leading state government affairs teams in gaining product access and furthering company interests in the government arena.  Dan works with client companies' managed markets and sales teams to achieve preferred product access on Medicaid formularies by channeling effective input into P&T committee meeting product reviews and decision-making processes within the increasingly challenging Medicaid space.


Dan has led a team of Medicaid account managers, lobbyists, ADAP specialists and advocacy managers in achieving successful policy outcomes across the Midwest sector.  More recently, Dan led the Medicaid account management team for the Western 28 states for 26 medicines plus HIV and vaccine products for one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.


Among Dan’s skill sets are:

  • Developing strategies for formulary placement, advocating with Medicaid Pharmacy, P&T/DUR Committee members & KOLs

  • Managing regulatory and statutory requirements needed for product access

  •  Tracking P&T / DUR committee meetings including clinical and bid submission due dates

  • Tracking and lobbying relevant legislation affecting products or the competitive landscape

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